Friday, March 22, 2013

December was so busy I didn't really have time for a photo shoot. I tried to get a couple but the lighting was awful and Legacy really wasn't cooperating.. hopefully in another couple months he will like his picture being taken.

December 2012

December was a very busy and stressful month. I don't know how outside the house working mom's do it. There were so many crafts, activities, and photoshoots etc I would have love to have done but I just didn't have the time or energy. (Never again do I want to have an active child, work, and be pregnant at Christmas). December started off with Legacy turning 18 months.. which we had really been looking forward too solely so he could go to nursery YAY! Right off the bat he did good, and ever since then church has been much more enjoyable for all of us.
Next was Bryan's work Christmas party, which would have been alot more fun had I not been so so so sick :( But I did have fun dressing up. This Christmas season was so much fun with lots of celebrating. We started off with an early Christmas party at Grandma & Papa Falk's house that Auntie Gabriela had planned. It was super fun with a pinata, a fun game for the kids, yummy food, and enjoying each others company. The Sunday before Christmas day we went to Great Grandma Ulrich's and hung out with extended family, at first Legacy was pretty shy but warmed up to people once they played "ring around the rosie" with him (he's obsessed with it right now). On Christmas Eve we had another Christmas at Grandma & Papa Falk's, which was also very fun. Christmas Day we started off with opening presents just our little family at home, then Grandma & Papa Falk came over for breakfast, then we headed off to Grandma & Grandpa Ulrich's house for the rest of the day. Legacy got so many gifts and really started to get overwhelmed with all the present opening and had to take several breaks. He had so much fun playing with cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents throughout the holiday season. We were so blessed to have some time to spend as a family.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

November 2012

November was mostly spent working, and trying to get over colds ( which wasn't easy.. Legacy had been sick just about every other week since he started his day home ), and  of course getting ready for Christmas. We were able to get a couple family pictures, sadly Legacy was not impressed to be outside in the cold.

October 2012

In October we celebrated what would have been Great Grandpa's 100th birthday, we had a pumpkin pie with 100 candles to celebrate and uncle Harvey and Auntie Wendy came up. Near the end of October we went to the Calgary Corn Maze with some friends, Legacy had fun looking for the bunnies and feeding the goats. The weather was pretty cold so we didn't stay as long as we would have. In the corn maze Legacy kept trying to eat the corn, and wouldn't put them down. For Halloween we were a bit lazy and only decorated a little bit, but we did carve some pumpkins. On Halloween I picked up Legacy a little early from his day home so we could go to the mall with Grandma, Easton & Ireland to trick or treat, and Bryan met us at the mall. Legacy was dressed up as a monster and looked so so adorable. He had a blast trick or treating at the mall, getting candy, he wanted to eat the candy rather than put it in his bag. That night it was really cold out so we only went to a couple houses. Halloween was fun, but I'm even more excited about next year when Legacy understands it a little more.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Exciting News

We were surprisingly able to keep it a secret that we were pregnant with baby #2. Somehow between work and Legacy keeping us busy the summer passed so quickly and we kept being pregnant a secret from family and friends. And in early August we had our second ultra sound and were able to find out the gender ....a BOY! We were pretty exited to see our little peanut and see that He was healthy and growing good. Our due date is March 1, 2013.

August & September 2012

In August we tried to get out to the splash parks in Airdrie and Calgary to let Legacy play, for some reason anytime we went it would be beautiful out and then in minutes it was cold and windy (that's Alberta for ya). We had a family get together at Great Grandma Ulrich's house, it was nice to reconnect with family we hadn't seen in a while, and Legacy had lots of fun playing.

In September I went to work full time and so we needed to find a day home for Legacy. It was a really tough decision, choosing a stranger to watch our sweet little boy, but we found a great day home. So in about mid September Legacy started at his day home, it was rough at first (mostly for me), but after about a week he wasn't even crying when I dropped him off, and soon he didn't want to come home when I came to pick him up. He had tons of fun playing with his friends, and through the months it helped with his speech and learning new things. As summer came to a close, we were sad to see it go. Near the end of September we sold our Mazda and bought a 2009 Saturn Outlook SUV (8 passanger), it was bittwer sweet for me because I loved my car and the outlook seemed so big at first.